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Advice in the selection of suitable equipment.
Company departments which serve you directly:
Design department:
With 10 professionals constantly working on special orders, new serial designs, improvements on our present designs, new products and technology, which receive feedback from sold equipment on the field for a constant improvement.
Engineering department:
With 6 professionals dedicated to simulate with computers, the proposals from the design department and provide feedback to them to improve efficiency and prevent field errors of our serial equipment as well as special equipment required by customers.
Control and automation department:
With 12 professionals dedicated to the installation of our standard control systems and implementation of special systems required by our customers.
Quality control department:
With 6 professionals which revise daily the equipment being manufactured from the beginning until the end of production..
Machining department:
With 20 technicians which work with computarized machine tools (Cnc), machine tools of special applications, manual machine tools and thermal treatment units.
Production department:
With 200 welders, technicians and general workers with experience on the manufacture of our equipment.
Installation, maintenance and spare parts department:
With 14 specialized technicians with experience on installation and maintenance of sold crushing plants.
Control systems according to your needs:
Study, design and implementation of automatic or computarized control systems in your present equipment. (Retrofit).
Control systems according to your needs